C and M Ministries was originally set up with the specific objective of supporting the Christian ministries of Clifford and Monica Hill from the time when their joint ministry began in 1957. C and M Ministries was established in 1981 when they first stepped out into an independent faith ministry. It has been doing this supporting role behind the scenes, taking charitable status in its own right, from 1993.

Cliff and Monica’s early ministry was based in local London churches where they exercised pastoral leadership. Their national and international ministry began in the 1970s with Monica specialising in church growth and Cliff studying the changes in society against a biblical background. The insights that have been developed by their pro-active involvement in responding to the needs of the times, have established several charities and organisations in Britain, some of which are still making a relevant contribution today and whose influence has stretched far beyond these shores.

The decision was taken in 2021 to attempt to capture and record a little of their biblical and social ethos and the principles upon which they have worked to develop communities of believers with a mission for creative change. C and M Heritage aims to draw together for future generations the very large number of published (and unpublished) works representing the teaching given by Monica and Cliff throughout their long ministry.

This will be achieved in various ways through publishing, digitalising, collecting memories, linking in other ministries and it will now be an ongoing work for as long as it is needed.

This website already contains much that is of value that will be built upon, and it will be redesigned so that it can present much more in the days ahead when Issachar Ministries, who have been the outward face of C and M Ministries for the last ten years, develop a site which can effectively meet the needs of their current membership on more specific lines.