We greatly appreciate any support you can give to C&M Ministries, whether through practical help or advice, through prayer or financially.

Practical Support

If you share the vision and values of C&M Ministries, and would like to assist with this heritage project, we would love to hear from you!

There are online opportunities for people with archiving, database, research, editorial, web and media skills.

Also, if you live close to the Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire area we would also value any practical help you could offer - a regularly updated list of general needs is available here but there may be something more specific you have to offer!   

Prayer Support

We would also value your prayer support. We send out bi-monthly email updates and news for prayer to all those on our email mailing list including organising regular zoom chats. 

Financial Support

C&M Ministries is supported entirely by its prayer supporters and has no large-scale grants to enable it to continue.  It is reliant on donations to fund all spending. Clifford and Monica are accountable in their ministry to the trustees who also oversee the financial affairs of the Trust and ensure that all monies are spent in accordance with the Trust's aims and objectives.