Ministry Index

C&M Ministries supports the ministry of Clifford and Monica Hill and the projects they have been involved in, on subjects as diverse as Race Relations and the Legacy of Slavery; Inner City Mission and Community Development; Church Growth; Social Studies and Family Breakdown.

Race Relations

(from 1950s & 1960s race relations; to the legacy of slavery in C21st)
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Community Development

(from 1970s inner city mission; to a community led approach to operating a C21st business)
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Church Growth

(Early principles of Church Growth and Modern mission initiatives)
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Parliamentary Work

(Sociological studies and research on family breakdown; plus a wide analysis of social structural changes in the past century)
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National Initiatives

(Mission work for the EA; the publication of Prophecy Today; plus the work of Issachar Ministries)
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International Ministry

(tours of Israel and the seven churches of Asia Minor; ministry tours of Nigeria, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia; ministry in many parts of the USA and Europe)
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Teaching Ministry

(biblical, topical, prophetic, including conferences and webinars)
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Chronological View

(links to C&M’s ministry work decade by decade; from the 50s to current day)
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1. Race Relations

  • Work among the Windrush Generation 1950s & 1960s.
  • The Zong Project commemorating the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.
  • Studies on the legacy of slavery in C21st and setting up the Movement for Justice and Reconciliation (MJR).

2. Community Development

  • Setting up the Newham Community Renewal Programme in 1971.
  • Establishing the Trinity Centre in East Ham in 1972.
  • Publications on inner city mission.

3. Church Growth

  • Establishing the British Church Growth Association (BCGA).
  • Early principles of Church Growth and Modern Mission Initiatives.
  • Publication of The Church Growth Digest.

4. Parliamentary Work

  • Studies on video violence and children.
  • Studies on family breakdown
  • Studies on teenage pregnancies
  • Conferences on issues affecting the family.

5. National Initiatives

  • organising the National Congress on Evangelism in 1980.
  • Setting up Prophetic Word Ministries (PWM), now known as Issachar Ministries.

6. International Ministry

  • Tours of Israel and the seven churches of Asia Minor
  • Ministry tours of Nigeria, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • Ministry in many parts of the USA and Europe.

7. Teaching Ministry and Research

  • Historical – study of the people of Judah in Babylon.
  • Biblical – the social structure of the New Testament church
  • Sociology – Shades of Black: the origins of colour consciousness in the Caribbean

8. A Chronological View

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