Collage of photos from various ministries

C&M Ministries supports the ministry of Clifford and Monica Hill and the projects they have been involved in during an era of great social and technological change. They majored on subjects as diverse as Race Relations and the Legacy of Slavery; Inner City Mission and Community Development; Church Growth; Social Studies and Family Breakdown, all from a Christian biblical perspective.

Race Relations

From 1950s & 1960s race relations; immigration and integration; to the legacy of slavery in the 21st century.

Community Development Initiatives

From 1970s inner city mission; deepening an academic as well as practical understanding of its importance; to a community led approach to operating a 21st century business.

Understanding Church Growth and Decline

Early principles of Church Growth and Modern mission initiatives as well as hindrances in the UK and overseas.

Parliamentary Projects and Research

Sociological studies and research on family breakdown; plus a wide analysis of social structural changes in the past century and their subsequent implementation in Parliament.

Movements for Change and Social Action

Mission work for the EA; the publication of Prophecy Today; plus the work of many new ministries including Issachar Ministries

Teaching and Biblical Research

Conferences, Teaching Tours and Leadership Training on biblical, topical and prophetic issues and becoming a Publishing House

Overseas Ministry

Ministry tours of Nigeria, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia; ministry in many parts of the USA and Europe