Heritage News, February 2023

Posted on February 23, 2023
C and M Ministries

Dear Praying Friends of C and M Heritage

We are now well into yet another New Year – the 71st of Heritage recordkeeping for this ministry!  Many changes are taking place in the way we are slowly developing this – but the good news is that this bi-monthly mailing is now available directly on the website with all the links accessible and viewable there.  We are continuing to carry out work behind-the-scenes to ensure that everything appears on the right pages before making them live.  

We do hope that the news and actions being taken this month stimulate your own memories and help you to see their relevance for today – and that you will have opportunities and ways to apply these principles to today’s world.

Quick Links

If you want to navigate quickly to a particular section, you can click on the hyperlinks here; otherwise,  just scroll down the email – and remember you can just click on this link which will take you straight to the news page on the C&M website where you can also read previous links.  

Our faithful team of volunteers are continuing to process extra resources and back up material to add to the hidden website pages – but if you, or someone you may know, have technical skills and/or been involved in, or have a particular interest in, any specific area of this diverse ministry and have time to help, please see the opportunities later in this letter and be in touch so we can discuss this further. 
We are keen to build on any aspect of this relevant multifaceted ministry in which you may have been involved with us in the past which you also feel would be helpful to others at this time, or in the future.
NB  The links in this news e-mail and others will continue to work as the articles are made available directly on the relevant webpages (as they are being populated) where you will also find much more history and lots of memories and we are exploring the possibility of allowing you to make your contribution – But please be patient as this is work in progress!

Blessings to you all 

Cliff and Monica, Angela, Jenny, Kathryn, Catherine, Andy  plus all those sharing in creating this changing face of C and M Ministries.

This Month’s Theme

Topical News - Hard copy to Internet’  
These three separate projects, undertaken at different times, link together easily alongside the development of growing Internet opportunities:

1984 – 2006 Prophecy Today appeared as a hard copy magazine from 1985, found its place as a key player in the Carmel/Jerusalem Gatherings of 1986, moved its base to Moggerhanger in 1995, was involved in making the decision to wind up PWM at the end of 2004, and finally changing its name to Sword in 2006 when its emphasis majored on teaching as it changed ownership. 

Read the Founding Story and its development, read about the content and original planning, and the way they became independent. View the first issue and note that twelve of the twenty-two years of full issue copies (with thanks to Alan Hamilton), are viewable or downloadable here – the rest as well as memories and other resources, will be available on the website as they are scanned in.  

2000 – 2011 Life Newspapers - Life on Sunday – LifeBite. By the turn of the century, the Internet was already beginning to offer communication opportunities on an even larger scale than just a limited postal magazine. Two of the contributors to PT, both in the newspaper world, Nick Thompson and Charles Gardner felt a call to explore ways of entering this new field. 

Read the story of Life Newspapers (including the short-lived Life on Sunday) and read Charles’s and Nick’s own reflections. There are also links to the cover of the Company Prospectus, the invitation and promo paper to the Launch in Parliament plus some papers from the launch presentation, and a mock-up of two pages representing two of the six interest sections of the very first 64-page draft issue. 

2014 – ongoing Prophecy Today UK On-line.  All the articles published since its first issue in 2015 are available on line and we will be making arrangements for a full history and record also to be available on the Prophecy Today website, but click here for a paper on events leading up to the launch of this on-going valuable resource and its original aims.  

2014 – ongoing Prophecy Today UK On-line.  All the articles published since its first issue in 2015 are available on line and we will be making arrangements for a full history and record also to be available on the Prophecy Today website, but click here for a paper on events leading up to the launch of this on-going valuable resource and its original aims.  

Future Expectations 

We will be, hopefully, covering briefly the history of 3 more areas of rather more national activity which have lots more links to, and their relevance for,  today - Heal Our Land, Transform UK and Christian Workplace Forum. If you have any memories of, or records from, any of these please do be in touch.    

More News Updates

•  ‘Becoming an Issachar People’ 

This newly published book has now arrived from the printers and is in the process of being circulated to those who have pre-ordered it with Issachar Ministries.

Part 1 is a biblical study of the principles which should apply at all times to any who are claiming to be Issachar People while Part 2 traces our own ministry involvement in this calling down the years (yet another aspect of our heritage now recorded) and Part 3 contains the vision of the current trustees of IM in ‘Crossing Over’.  We are in the process of recording a short video to help promote it but we had prepared earlier a twenty minute video on the biblical aspects for Issachar Ministries which still appears on the IM website here.

There is also a 26 minute downloadable link to the 2014 vision of Issachar Ministries, which will also appear on our C&M heritage website where there will be lots more links in the days ahead.

Cliff has been invited to speak at the Issachar Ministries Sunday Gathering on 26th February when more news of a launch for this new book and even a possible webinar will be shared. If you do not already attend, and would like to do so, please be in touch with gail@issacharministries.co.uk

Issachar Ministries Update Messages
These SON Update Messages are a continuing cooperative venture with Issachar Ministries and now include more examples of our heritage.  The February issue contains relevant historic incidents in Parliament on the fight to support families and marriage.

You can listen to this section here or subscribe to the whole message by being in touch with the IM office on info@issacharministries.co.uk.  

• The Moggerhanger Story  
Our plans are changing a little on publishing the Moggerhanger Story that we have now prepared – but we have a typesetter and printing date now booked for early summer to ensure that the shortened version (still a substantial book) of the overall story between 1993 and 2015, which many of you shared in, is in print.  As we develop this, and as Tony learns new skills, it will run alongside a much more detailed e-book version and the displaying of many photos and back up documents on request. More news and how to obtain a copy next time. 

• ‘Shades of Black’ Moving Forward.  

As reported in a news item on our website, this book was launched in November and many other resources have been collected together which will eventually be on our Race Relations page under the Ministry Index section with links also to our forthcoming extended Resources pages which Tony is working on.  But here is the link to the book reviews by Gordon Pettie from Revelation TV in Heart Newspaper scroll down until you see the one on 'Shades of Black' in their February/March 2023 issue - and a PDF copy is viewable  here.  

• ‘Supporters – Welcomes and Farewells   

We had many new links with past supporters in our Christmas mailing – and we welcome them to our expanding mailing list.  But we also needed to say a farewell in this life to others who have been very much involved with us in the past – one of these was Gillian Orpin who was the chaplain at Moggerhanger House and active in the Sandy area.  Many people attended her funeral and the link to the Order of Service and her memories are here.  

Help and Prayer Needed – Volunteer Opportunities

•    Looking Ahead  

This ministry has been very much built on volunteer input – with examples being given by the full involvement of trustees and a further example being set by Cliff and Monica who have lived by faith for most of their married life.  This ethos has stimulated others to become involved – the more the better! 

But we also do take people on contract for more professional work that we cannot do with volunteers and we also feel we may well be entering a more cooperative team era in the future.  If you have the skills of coordination and helping others to be involved and could also help us plan, or if you have archival and website experience, or know of someone who has, whether they need to be paid or not, please do be in touch through heritage@candmministries.org.uk .

•    Memories  

We are now developing ‘taster’ files from files of memories that Angela has already collected.  Here is one she has put together on Prophecy Today but she is also looking for more memories - short or long - to populate not only her forthcoming Memories page on the website but which will also be viewable on other sections too.  Before the next issue she is particularly looking for memories of national events to put out alongside the main theme – but also for other subjects like Moggerhanger or the Overseas tours. Send them to heritage@candmministries.org.uk or drop her an e-mail asking more questions.  

•    Three Further Requests for Much Needed Help  

  1. We are hearing from Prayer Partners, who have been hoarders like we have, who have discovered materials they feel might be helpful and some even from their children who are clearing out and who are asking if we would like them back for our records!  If you are among this group, do please give us any details before sending them to us.  One precious resource was discovered by one of prayer partners on an old memory stick of her father’s which has provided us with some memorable digital photographs and other files. If these are already in the right format, they can be put straight into our archive files for use on this website.  So please do start looking – and remember that we may be able to help in this way with your own family memories as well as the memories of others through the ministry on-line.  
  2. As many of you know over the years, we have been sending out various and numerous series of papers - mentioned last time. We are now looking for help and involvement from those who found any of them of particular value - to help in collating and preparing them to be presented as a whole to others. If you can help with this please do drop an e-mail to heritage@candmministries.org.uk .
  3. Do you remember the early days of home-made films and slideshows?  We have unearthed an ancient film projector with some reel-to-reel films but also boxes and boxes of slides from the 60s and 70s of our overseas visits to the United States and the Caribbean – and also to Israel.  

    Our memories are returning of the times when our slideshows were in popular demand whenever we returned from an overseas visit!   We are now hoping to locate a slide projector so that we can rename those which may be useful to others with dates and places and then look to others to prepare them for updating into a format that could be used today. Does anyone have this kind of experience who could help us?    

•    Helping with Relevance for Today Links 

If you were active in, or have been affected by, one of our ministries, and can give help in thinking through their value – then or now – for any particular page on the (currently hidden) Ministry Index Menu on the website, please be in touch. 

The easiest way to offer help for any of these is to send an email to heritage@candmministries.org.uk or leave a message on our new mobile phone 07716 112571 and one of the team will respond. 

March Interaction  

The January zoom meetings were very lively and fulfilling for those who attended.  They set a new trend of involvement as both Cliff and Monica were just recovering from a nasty flu attack following a thoroughly enjoyable Family Christmas and Angela encouraged those present to share their experiences and stories of the ministry with each other.  This sharing still continues in further e-mails and wider contributions are forthcoming.  

There will be another opportunity to meet with individual members online via Zoom on Monday 13th March 2023 at 7.30 pm or Wednesday 15th March 2023 at 2.30 pm.  A personal link will be sent round on the Monday morning of that week.  This does not rule out any further Zoom meetings – and if another time and date would suit you better, please let us know. We value our contact with you.  

Do let us know through heritage@candmministries.org.uk your own memories or if you have any questions or would like to follow up any particular issues.

Support us Financially! 

Since we first began to develop the Heritage Ministry it has been very blessed with those keen to share their memories, and volunteers sharing their skills, insights and time, all backed up by a solid financial base which has been supplemented by unexpected small legacies which has enabled us to reach this stage.   

The Heritage Ministry aims to bless the next generation of Christians with the biblical teaching we have developed over many years, and with an understanding of the good, and not-so-good, things we have seen personally in church history. This can help believers not to make the same mistakes and to learn the lessons of the past. If you can help to strengthen our hands in any way in this ministry, we will be very grateful. 

We are aware that in this next stage, not only do we need to purchase new computer programmes – and other software and to make some capital outlays to keep computers up-to-date, but we may also need to take on some professional help, so we would value your support if you are able to help.  We welcome one-off gifts as well as promises of regular giving and we are always overjoyed to be remembered in your wills!  

Once again, thank you for your support and prayers – you are all very much appreciated.

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