Heritage News, February 2022

Posted on February 24, 2022
C and M Ministries

Dear Praying Friends of C and M Heritage

As promised, we are keeping our growing number of prayer partners up to date with news of the heritage ministry which will gradually move to being available online in the future. This month we are sharing with you a preview of some more of the content of a significant early time in this ministry that is being prepared for display on our website. If you remember the late 70s and early 80s, you will appreciate the relevance for today of those years. Our aim in highlighting this heritage ministry is ‘to unlock the past, to understand the present, and to navigate the right path for the future’.

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•    Current Update – transitioning
•    This Month’s Theme – Evangelism years
•    Future Expectations – Parliamentary, National …………. 
•    Help and Prayer Needed – gathering materials 
•    March Interaction – 14th and 15th 

Bless you for standing with us as we discover the relevance of so much of the past for today – do let us know what you think.

Cliff and Monica, Roy, Angela, Jenny plus all those sharing in creating this changing face of C and M Ministries.

Current Update – transitioning

Since our general update last month as we officially transition to being more of an archival on-line ministry, Cliff and Monica’s three children – Jenny Cooper, Alison Neurauter and Stephen Hill have now officially become trustees and will be helping to guide the ministry in the future. Neil Harvey has now become treasurer, working with Richard Holland, our financial adviser. Jacqueline Barber will still be the first line for enquiries on the telephone or by post. Joint Trustees meetings with Issachar Ministries and Prophecy Today have already started to come into effect to ensure the smooth running of the three linked ministries in the future.  IM will continue to sell our books and produce the SON Update Message. Cliff continues to bring the message regularly to the Sunday Gatherings and to write for PT as well as taking part in some webinars. There are already new ways being found of working together and Issachar Ministries Trustees are now adding some chapters to ‘Becoming an Issachar People’ which should be out shortly. 

Those on the hitherto joint database are now seen solely as being part of Issachar Ministries' on-going work. Those interested in past aspects of the ministry, or who have been involved in days gone by, have given their permission to be added to a new database for C&M so that they can receive specific news. From a small base, last month we doubled our numbers! 

£65k has been given from C and M Ministries to Issachar Ministries to ensure the continuing employment of existing staff for the first year while IM and PT find their own feet.  This has depleted the resources of C and M Ministries as it faces new and different challenges in the future, but it is seen to be a return to its original support ministry operating on a faith basis.   

We thank you for your prayers especially for our web designer, who is gradually recovering from Long Covid. It should not be too long before we are able to give you two or three more pages introducing Milestones, Memories and Anniversaries on the developing website for this ministry so do continue to pray for all those who are committed to this ministry and are volunteering their help in so many ways – and pray that all obstacles from pressing forward are removed seamlessly.

This Month’s Theme – Evangelism years

Having already given links to some of the resources and materials being prepared for our website on our race relations and inner-city years in the 1960s-1980s in November, this month we give you some insights into the doors that opened for the 1980s years of evangelism and the national ministry we mentioned last month.  We have extracted some of the teaching insights from our presentation given in the rather impromptu unplanned Zoom webinar last month while we find a place in the planning area on our developing website to make it and the amazing feedback from this special webinar available.

  • Click here for an extract of around 12 minutes on the Archbishop’s ‘Call to the Nation’ in 1975 and the 1980 ‘National Congress on Evangelism’; 
  • here for 30 minutes with some insights into the changing national scene and the fresh vision needed since then; and 
  • here for just over 20 minutes of some of the principles we were advocating – and still are.  

Further resources from that era and those events are being prepared for the new website – but the offer made to those on the C&M mailing list to get a free download of the 88-page booklet ‘Reaching Out’, which was rushed through for printing for this event, still stands until mid-March.  You just need to ring Jacqueline on 0333 090 2187 and agree to read it to see if it warrants a fuller publication. She will then send you a complimentary pdf directly. This limited-edition booklet has a preview and is available to purchase as hardcopy or download on the website.   

Future Expectations – Parliamentary, National

Cliff and Monica are continuing to draw on their records and publications in those areas of their ministry which had minimal digitalisation in pre-computer days.  These often develop into new publications drawing out their relevance for today!  The story of their involvement in the national issue of research into video violence in the 1980s, which opened up a new wider parliamentary ministry (this still has considerable influence today), will be featured in our April Mailchimp.  This ‘response to need’ was also covered by developing a strong believing network of prayer and action which built up a supportive network base for PWM.  By using a new way of supporting churches through new ‘church growth insights’, a national ministry opened up in the '80s of Church Growth.  Each of these opened up the prophetic and international ministry which followed. There is much to share with you from those early days, which we are realising has a great deal of significance for today’s world.

Help and Prayer Needed – gathering materials 

As a Ministry we are hoping not to neglect more recent sections of the ministry which more of you will be aware of and have benefited from. This will include the tours, the teaching – biblical, prophetic and societal, the understanding of community, church and state – and our times based in London, in Bawtry Hall in Yorkshire and at Moggerhanger in Bedfordshire.  One of the urgent issues where we continue to need help, which any of you can carry out from home, is to alert us to papers and reports, alongside your memories, of this widening and developing ministry over the years. So let us know of relevant videos and recordings – and even access to websites which have any of these resources that we can use.

We continue to need prayer that we use wisely the resources of those involved, including Cliff and Monica's insights, as well as materials and finance, and that we get everything in order and up and running as soon as possible. Your encouragement and prayers are so needed.   

March Interaction  

It is our intention when everything is flowing smoothly to set aside time on alternate months to meet on Zoom to chat informally for an hour on what can be achieved with this ministry. We are putting this concept on hold for this coming month, unless any-one intimates ahead of time that they might value meeting one or two of us on Monday the 14th March at 7.30 pm or Tuesday the 15th March at 2.00 pm.  A personal link will be sent to any we hear from who might find this helpful on the Monday morning of that week.  

Once again, thank you for your support and prayers - you are all very much appreciated. 

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