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Posted on May 15, 2023
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Learning from the past to inform the present and to prepare for the future.

Dear Praying Friends of C and M Heritage Ministry

We live in an ever-changing society – whether it is for better or for worse.  Sometimes we can only see these changes and their effects more clearly after the event rather than when we are in the midst of the action.  There are changes taking place in technology which affect how we present things today, so we will be improving the format of all that we post on our website – So expect more changes over the summer. 

This month we are beginning to make these changes - so this is labelled the April/May Mailchimp, as it will go our later than usual and we will be changing the future pattern and timing!  May is a short working month with so much happening including the Coronation. So we will meet next on Zoom to discuss issues raised and pray together in June. 

This issue we will be concentrating on areas of the past ministry which we see as having influenced, or attempted to influence, society in their day.  We hope they will stimulate your own memories and help you to see their relevance for today, which may give you opportunities for sharing these insights, and lessons learned, with others. 

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Blessings to you all 

Cliff and Monica, Angela, Jenny, Catherine, Andy plus all those sharing in creating this changing face of C and M Ministries

This Month’s Theme

‘An introduction to 21st Century National Projects of Change through Clapham Connections’ 


Clapham Connections was formed by the Centre for Contemporary Ministry (CCM) (1) in 2000 for the purpose of establishing the link between Moggerhanger House and its former owners, the Thornton family (2), who were MPs and prominent bankers as well as active abolitionists and social reformers as part of the Clapham Sect (3).  When we acquired the house in 1994, we had no idea about this background or its famous architecture, so we were taken by surprise when the house was upgraded to Grade One in 1997 and all our plans had to change from that moment.
CCM’s ministry broadened in response to Moggerhanger Park’s heritage, prayer partners were challenged and in 2000 Rodney Curtis was engaged to undertake a research project examining the history and strategy of the Clapham Sect and William Wilberforce and a leaflet on Rediscovering the Heritage of Moggerhanger House and the Ethos of the Clapham Sect was made available to all visitors. 
The ministry of both PWM and BCGA, together with CCM’s parliamentary work through the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group and with Christians in both Houses of Parliament, gave them a base for establishing a national network of links very similar to those enjoyed by Godfrey and Henry Thornton, and other members of the Clapham Sect. By the year 2002, the need was there for more specialised outreach ministry, a national network for Transform-UK was set up and around that time Ros Turner joined the Moggerhanger team. 
A letter Changing The Nation” was sent out with Park News in June 2003 outlining its purpose and strategy for changing the values of the nation and also making other papers available such as a ‘Position Paper’ and a ‘Mission and Strategy’ paper that focused upon equipping every believer to play a part in changing the nation. It emphasised:

"The first essential in approaching an ‘impossible task’ is to have a clear sense of God-dependency. The second is to have a clear vision from God. The third is to seek God for the strategy to fulfil the vision.”

In 2003, the website was carrying an introduction to this 21st Century Clapham Connection which listed eight national objectives of Clapham Connections and seven local objectives which related to activities at Moggerhanger House. Two papers on community transformation followed, “mobilising the grassroots”, and “order out of chaos”. Rodney had mounted an excellent exhibition on his research links for The Ministries at Moggerhanger Open Day in July where plans were also shared for developing a large library.  The theme of national and local change was agreed for the planned Moggerhanger House Opening Celebration to be held in 2004 following the completion of the renovations.  We also sent out news information papers – October 2003 and November 2003 and started a series of Clapham Comments papers. In October Clapham Connections sponsored a national meeting in the House of Commons of representatives of Christian Professional Workplace Associations,  
In July 2004, prior to the Spiritual Opening in the October we held an Evening with Wilberforce - “Christians who changed the nation” focusing upon the work of Wilberforce and including a dramatic monologue of ‘The Walk’ by Andrew Harrison which we used a number of other times. .
Groundwork carried out by Clapham Connections gave birth at this time to both a National Forum developing into Transform-UK and the Christian Workplace Forum out of the Association of Christian Professionals.

[1] The early days of CCM as an educational charity will be featured in the September  2023 News Mailchimp.
[2] Read more abut the Thornton family and view the family tree in ‘Thornton Family Prayers’

[3] Read more about the Clapham Sect in ‘The Wilberforce Connection’


In 2002/3 when Clapham Connections was moving steadily forward and talks were also taking place of creating a networking body which could concentrate on changing the values of the nation, a chance conversation with leaders of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF), revealed the difficulties experienced by those leaving higher education and entering the workplace. It was at this point that Ros Turner, who had been working as a youth leader with churches in Reading, accepted a new post to work with CCM on Clapham Connections to investigate the possibility of increasing links between UCCF and Christian groups in the workplace. Ros began work on two fronts – visiting universities and colleges, talking with Christian student groups, and secondly, making contact with Christian groups in commerce and industry. By the end of her first year of employment, she had discovered, established contact and built links with, no less than 85 such groups who formed the basis of the Christian Workplace Forum (CWF)
A small supportive group of leaders of Christian Professional Associations from many different parts of the economy, had formed an Executive Committee chaired by Dr Peter Carruthers who, was on our team but who, also led the Agricultural Christian Fellowship. 
In 2004 this group held a series of ‘ThinkTank’ meetings in the House of Commons on ‘The Role of Christian Associations in the Workplace’ in conjunction with the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, chaired by Mr Alistair Burt MP – more news next time. Their aim settled on being ‘to equip Christians to share their faith in the workplace and to exercise an influence for the gospel in the policies of the boardroom and the workplace’.
Following featuring at the ‘Spiritual Opening of Moggerhanger House’ in October 2004, a national tour in the spring of 2005 was sponsored where they and Transform-UK made a major contribution to creating a modern version of the Clapham Sect, who were influential in changing conditions in the workplace 200 years ago.
During this tour, public meetings were held in 31 towns and cities from Edinburgh and Newport Isle of Wight and from Norfolk to Cornwall. The meetings averaged 200 to 300 attendees got, thus introducing more than 7500 people to the vision for a national movement for transformation. And more was to follow as they had a major slot in the Christian Resources Exhibition. And then a significant consultation took place in the House of Commons on 7 March 2006 chaired by Alistair Burt MP on Building Partnerships of Interest. 
More of the story of their cooperative ventures as well as testimonies in the June News Mailchimp, leading up to how, 20 years after its formation Ros, now Ros Loaker, is still leading this flourishing ministry which has since been renamed ‘TransformWork Uk’.


The Clapham Connections with Wilberforce, the Thornton family and the base for our ministries at Moggerhanger Park which had many more links to our past ministry, also gave birth to Transform-UK, a movement of social change which was networking through the nation in the early days of this current century.  It had its roots and links with the need for change in the more challenging inner-city areas and with men and women of the Windrush Generation and we saw the need for a Leadership Development group at all levels.
Our links with the Thornton Institute for Business Ethics which had also built on our previous work with the Banking Industry plus the Parliamentary links including the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group helped in developing a change of values in the nation using our understanding of the research methods used by Wilberforce and members of the Clapham Sect.  Both their major aims – the Abolition of Slavery (we were involved in the 200th anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade fast approaching in 2007) and ‘the Reformation of Manners’ which was their way of saying ‘transforming the values of the nation’ - were important to us. Wilberforce recognised that this required a change of mindset in the nation with its emphasis upon material possessions and the need for positive thinking.   
There were a number of links already in place and the networking movement flourished. It played a major role in the 2004 Spiritual Opening of Moggerhanger House following which the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams wrote a commendation saying:
I have been watching the development of Transform UK over the past year and I’m happy to see the progress of this very worthy project.
Transform-UK carried out a national tour in 2005 – see the 2005 publicity here and the  PowerPoint presentation here.
In 2006 it became a charity in its own right and also was very active in arranging 'hustings' for these around the country – more next time.


It was some 6 years later when we had been working with Liz and Syd Doyle and Jimmy and Carol Owens, that the musical ‘Heal Our Land’ had its preview at Moggerhanger Park in 2009 and was then launched nationally in the Emmanuel Centre London before starting on a national tour. 
Read the book 'Heal Our Land', listen to some of the music and watch a video of the 1999 pre-launch at Moggerhanger here.And read, hear and watch more next time! 

Future Expectations - Continuing Change - in Church and Nation

We will be, expanding material available on 'Transform-UK', 'Christian Workplace Forum' and 'Heal Our Land'  from earlier this century.  If you have any memories of, or records from, any of these events please do be in touch and share them with us. 

More News Updates

•  ‘Becoming an Issachar People’ Launch and follow up
The launch took place via Zoom on the afternoon of Tuesday 14 March and about 40 prayer partners attended.  As main authors, Cliff and Monica spoke about their hopes for Issachar Ministries going forward to which Nick Szkiler, who also chaired the meeting, responded on some of the action planned with contributions from David Noakes and Sarah Winbow.  The Question and Answer session gave an opportunity for others to take part.  It was recorded and the audio will be available soon along with and the promotional video mentioned .  The book can be bought here 

•  ‘Crisis in the Church of England’
The breaking news last month that some churches within the C of E were breaking away led Cliff to write an article inProphecy Today, relating this to history, which drew a large number of comments and has been viewed more than 4,000 times.  There is also an audio link here.

• Issachar Ministries Update Messages 
Cliff recorded his first State of the Nation Update Message in July 1999.  The format has changed a little since then.  Cliff will be ceasing recording this resource, which has blessed others for nearly 25 years, this summer – but arrangements are being made for leaders in Issachar Ministries to take up this ministry. 
The penultimate April issue contains a description  of historical incidents in 1989 involving an inter-faith celebration in Canterbury Cathedral which coincided with the annual ‘March for Jesus’ and some interesting things happened. One of the members of St Marks at that time, John Gilman, has written his memories of that occasion which you can read here and this will eventually be linked to that section of our website. In time the whole set of recordings will appear on the heritage website

• A Glorious Failure  
Many of you will have happy memories of the early days between 1993 and 2012 when we were based at Moggerhanger House and will have been looking forward to reading about the miracles that took place there.  You will be sorry to know that although the grounds are still open to the public, the house closed at the end of last year as the operating company went bankrupt. 
We have tried writing up the story a number of times, but a special printed version backed up by more information, pictures and documents on-line under the Ministry Index on our upcoming website, the book should be available through Issachar Ministries at an expected price of £12.50 plus p/p later this year. You can reserve your copy by e-mailing info@issacharministries.co.uk.

• Grandparents and Lydia
The next newsletter from the England National Lydia team is concentrating on Children and Young People and will be using one of our earlier resources sent in by a Prayer Partner on Praying for Grandchildren. It is good to see resources we have been promoting, continuing to be seen to be of value.  This will eventually be on our website resources page along with others.

Help and Prayer Needed – Volunteer Opportunities

•    Taking the Next Step
We have now reached the next stage of developing the website and are looking to increase the team either with volunteers or with paid help on contract.  As we take the next steps forward, we are keen to reimburse all expenses especially from those who have the practical and technical skills we need at this time and are familiar with new relevant programmes needed in today’s society and can send you more details when you ckntact us.  We are looking to expand the team on all levels of doing, enabling and overseeing.  If you can offer the ministry any time or specific expertise, and can work on line from your own home, on the odd occasion or for a few hours on a regular basis, please do get in touch. 

Here are a few of the areas in which we feel we need help:

  1. By operating the mail chimp and helping with regular communications and promotion
  2. By working with Simon our new treasurer to keep the bank reconciliations up to date.   
  3. By working with an excel sheet to catalogue all the resources (documents, audios, videos etc) so that they may link easily into the website – and relate well into a time-line.
  4. By offering to keep an eye on, and regularly update, the website – for specific pages or for the general appearance

More specific areas could be:

  1. Previews of books – for sale and as references
  2. Ppt presentations of OHPs of Teaching Tapes
  3. Checking and completing audio and videos (M3s and MP4s)
  4. Production, presentation and promotion of specific series of papers

Contact Jenny initially by leaving a message with your interests on our mobile 07716 112571 or on heritage@candmministries.org.uk

•    Memories
Angela will be hoping for your memories especially from any links with the Christian Workplace Forum then and now, from the Moggerhanger years and from the national initiatives of Transform UK and Heal Our Land.
Please help by sending them to Heritage@candmministries.org.uk or drop her an e-mail to angela@candmministries.org.uk asking more questions.

•    Thanks for Help

We are very grateful to Andrew and Tessa Perrin who, almost immediately after we sent out the February Mailchimp offered and delivered by hand to us a little used 1960s slide projector and storage container which is proving very useful.  We are now able to check through the 1000s of slides we took in the 60s and 70s, try to remember where they were and label them up so that we can send some that we can use on the website to Neil Harvey who has a programme he can use to convert them to jpegs.  Thanks to Andy, Tessa and Neil.  We are very blessed with such good will and help.

•    Helping with Relevance for Today Links
The easiest way to offer help for any of these is to send an email to heritage@candmministries.org.uk or leave a message on our new mobile phone 07716 112571 and one of the team will respond.

June Interaction  

The March zoom meetings were very lively and fulfilling for those who attended and we would like to continue this on alternate months . 
There will be another opportunity to meet with individual members online via Zoom on Monday the 12th June 2023 at 7.30 pm or Wednesday the 14th June 2023 at 2.30 pm.  A personal link will be sent round on the Monday morning of that week.  This does not rule out any further Zoom meetings – and if another time and date would suit you better, please let us know. We value our contact with you.

Do let us know through heritage@candmministries.org.uk your own memories or if you have any questions or would like to follow up any particular issues. 

Financial News and Thanks

We are rejoicing that we have survived the division of our finances with IM UK during last year when we set up Issachar Ministries up and started on what we knew could become an expensive on-line venture. The Lord has been good to us, and we are delighted that our books have balanced (with a very slight profit) for the first quarter of this year.  We do thank you for all your support and prayers – you are all each very much appreciated and we hope you can continue to support us during this coming year when we will be taking significant steps with the Website, publications and resources.

Once again, thank you for your support and prayers – you are all very much appreciated.

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