Heritage News, April 2022

Posted on April 29, 2022
C and M Ministries

Dear Praying Friends of C and M Heritage

We do hope you all had a happy Easter and were able to meet with your family and friends as well as give thanks to God for the gift and sacrifice of his precious Son Jesus our Saviour. He brings us continuing hope in a changing future. The Spring Bank Holiday will be with us soon – and summer is coming!! 
So much has developed in this heritage ministry, since we wrote to you in February, which we are eager to share with you.

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•    Current Update 
•    This Month’s Theme – Parliamentary and National Years
•    Future Expectations – Church Growth, 1986 Israel Gatherings …
•    Help and Prayer Needed 
•    May Interaction 
Bless you for standing with us as we discover that so much of the past has continuing relevance for today – do let us know how this affects you.

Cliff and Monica, Roy, Angela, Jenny plus all those sharing in creating this changing face of C and M Ministries.

Current Update

Cloud and Website Developments 
The most exciting news is that we have now agreed a large amount of space in the cloud into which we will be moving all our existing records. This means that soon they will be accessible for our new developing website and we will be able to work on them behind the scenes while digitalising and cataloguing new material from both our home and further afield.  We give thanks for the services of both Kevin and Andy who are enabling this to happen. 

Kevin is enabling us to standardise our communication procedures which will include wider use of Office 365 and SharePoint so that more of our team of volunteers can be involved.

Andy has expanded the links behind our draft website and he has travelled across the country to visit us during this past week to film some more footage to display as we start to introduce specific new pages to the public. Click here for a comprehensive draft overview chart of the intended pages on the website. The Memories page will be one of the first to go live – so do send in further memories.  

The separation of IM from C&M Ministries is all progressing smoothly with continued cooperation, as we do value the role that each ministry can play.  Manual transfers of the hard copy books and resources have now taken place.  An Annual Report for 2021, when we were still a combined ministry, is being prepared which will be included in the Financial Statement to be agreed at the July AGM.   We are grateful for the number of NEW standing orders which have been taken out – some of the older standing orders may take some time to fully agree with the donor’s intentions, but they will all be honoured. C&M Ministries will have a separate page in future half yearly IM hard copy mailings – the next one is due out at the end of May (NB the next Heritage Mailchimp will be with you in mid-June). 

Museum Interest 

The discovery that the paving stones outside our home in Tottenham which had been defaced in the 1960s (see picture above) had been replaced, and so could no longer be filmed, was disappointing.  But this news was counter-balanced by the enthusiastic interest being shown by the Council, as well as a local museum, in our ministry at High Cross (pictured below) with the Windrush generation, as well as the launch shortly of one of our expected publications ‘Shades of Black’.  We have been invited to visit and give more details for the Council and the Museum – but more news on these developments later. 

Overseas Surplus Books

When the Sandy office closed in the summer of 2021 we reduced our stock considerably and we sent a number of surplus books for use overseas via one of our prayer partners. He has since travelled out to Uganda and has sent this newsletter of thanks, with pictures.  This also has details of future needs which you, or maybe we, may be able to help further with.  

New Publications in the Pipeline 

As well as the book on colour consciousness, ‘Shades of Black’ (which will be published very shortly by Handsel Press but also available through Issachar Ministries and promoted by MJR), a number of others are planned. Among the other books and papers in progress are ‘Becoming an Issachar People’ with Issachar Ministries and ‘The Moggerhanger Community part one’. These will all be available through Issachar Ministries Resources site when ready, but expressions of interest, with possible prayer partner discounts, can be placed now at info@issacharministries.co.uk which will help in determining print runs. 

This Month’s Theme – Parliamentary and National Years

We are giving links this time to the real start of C and M Ministries as an entity, which was formed in response to a need following the early 1980s when we were drawn into National Evangelistic outreach, to which we gave you links last time.  (These pages and links will appear in a private archival section of the News page on the new website but are available directly from heritage@candmministries.org.uk until then).

For Monica, the outcome of this was the Church Growth emphasis which will be our focus in our June Update.  Today, however, we want to share with you the other dimension in national ministry which Cliff was pursuing prior to the 1986 gathering of world-wide Prophets in Jerusalem and Carmel. 

Having moved back to London following the 1980 National Congress to participate in New Way London, Cliff was occasionally lecturing to Prison officers. This led in an amazing way to an exploration of Video Violence, then significant research into ‘the video nasties’ – and thus into Parliamentary matters. Cliff recorded some of the details of this for about half an hour as part of the Issachar Ministries April State of the Nation Update Message. This link will give you a complimentary copy as this is normally only available on subscription.  

Cliff has been recording these Update Messages for over 20 years and they are now very much from a heritage, as well as a topical, angle. If you would like to listen to it regularly please be in touch with Jacqueline or by phoning 0333 090 2187. Issachar Ministries UK are making a special offer to Heritage supporters of £10 for the first year’s subscription. This will be for the downloadable State of the Nation messages only. A link to a private area of the Issachar website will be sent by email. Please note this is for new subscribers only. Please quote ‘Heritage' when subscribing.

At the same time Cliff was building on all the prophetic insights and gathering together other leaders – but more about that later.

Future Expectations – Parliamentary, National………… 

Alongside all these exciting developments nationally, the insights into what was happening in the church at that time progressed.  We will tell you more about this and the plans being made for the 1986 Israel gatherings in June.  Hopefully, our webpages will be in operation by then so we can give you listening and downloadable links to the amazing recordings made in Carmel and Jerusalem at that time.

It is good to hear from those of you who were, and maybe still are, involved in any of these ventures.  We make no apologies for reminiscing in a chronological order – we hope that all these insights will be helpful – and they often develop into new publications drawing out their relevance for today!  

There is much to share with you from those early days, which we are realising has a great deal of significance for today’s world. They will all find their place eventually on the web and will encourage further interaction. 

Help and Prayer Needed – Volunteer Opportunities

  •    Jenny is becoming more involved in the grass roots of the ministry, particularly in ensuring that those of you who have offered to help with the admin and computer-based side of the ministry will be followed up.  If this is your strength and you have some time available, do please be in touch with her on heritage@candmministries.org.uk – she will be in touch with those of you who have already offered to help in this way when she has gained an overview and can understand it all!  
  • She comes in regularly to our home and is working through cataloguing the hardcopies of nearly 70 years of ministry – much of it from before the age of computers!  We will be using Excel – so if you can help with this initial task of recording the materials into a catalogue, do be in touch and we will find a way of involving you.  

There are other ways of helping which will enable the website to be active as soon as possible: 

  • We need a full stock of pictures and artwork to populate each page – click here for the current planned menu. If you have old newsletters or photos please do let us know by scanning them to Heritage or listing them before sending them to us, and if you have artistic skills and graphics design, we can always use these skills. 
  • You may have memories of participating in events and can write these down – if so please send them to Angela and she will add them to the collection which as well as appearing as a whole will also be linked to the appropriate page.
  • We always appreciate prayer – for the work generally and for people involved and issues raised and are considering sending round a monthly update which can include your prayers too – we just need an organiser.  We are keen to receive news from individuals or from groups who will commit to give this help. 
  • And, of course, we will need an income for those parts of the work which we cannot cover voluntarily.  We have been blessed with so many giving their time and gifts to this ministry, that we want to be able to give as much as possible to others freely.  Issachar Ministries is willing to undertake sending out any saleable resources from their website to bless their work, but we intend everything coming from our resource pages to be with no charge. ‘Freely we have received, freely we give’. But for any gift you CAN make – one off or regular – please either post a cheque to our virtual office below, or call Jacqueline during office hours – Tuesday-Friday on 0333 090 2187 to be sent a special Gift Aid Form or Standing Order Covenant forms or to give by credit card, or CLICK HERE TO DONATE online. For any other query e-mail heritage@candmministries.org.uk  
  • Finally, many of you have already offered to proof-read new or revised manuscripts – of books or papers.  Monica will be in touch with more details as there are a number more in the pipeline. 

May Interaction  

Do let us know through heritage@candmministries.org.uk if you have any questions or would like to follow up any particular issues.  There will be a further opportunity to meet with individual members online via Zoom on Monday the 23rd May at 7.30 pm or Tuesday the 24th May at 2.00 pm.  A personal link will be sent to any we hear from who might find this helpful on the Monday morning of that week.  This does not rule out any further Zoom meetings – and if another time and date would suit you better, please let us know.  We value our contact with you. 

Once again, thank you for your support and prayers - you are all very much appreciated. 

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